• Stacja Lutownicza BK-603D

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Cena przesyłki 14
Paczkomaty InPost 14
Poczta Polska 16
Kurier DPD 18
Kurier DPD 22
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Specification: Model: 603D SMD hot air 3 in 1 LED digital display Rework Station Power: 800W Blower Fan: Brushless Fan Amount of Wind: 120L/min(MAX) Soldering Iron Temp: 200?~480? Air Temperation Range: 150?~500? Handle length: 120cm Weight: 5kg Noises: <45db Operation Instruction 1.To put the unsoldering equipment ready,and leave handle on the holder 2.To connect the power 3.To set the best nozzle(large caliber nozzle preferred) 4.To switch on the power,the screen displays"---",it represents standby mode. 5.To turn the temperature switch as to set up the require temperature.To turn the airflow switch as set up the require airflow. 6.To hold the handle,so the equipment begins to heat . To adjust the revolving switch of airflow in order to select suitable airflow in order to select suitable airflow,and begin to operate normally while the temperature is stable. 7.To put back the handle on the holder after the work,mean while the unsoldering equipment switch for heating element mode automatically. while the temperature is lower than 100°C,the screen display"---".it stands for switching for heating to standby mode,and after the temperature of Heating element is less than 70°C,the equipment is on standby. 8.To switch off the power and unplug if there is no operation for a long period of time.
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